Organisation - May 15, 2014

Herman de Vries exhibition

Roelof Kleis

From the end of next week, artworks by the celebrated Dutch artist Herman de Vries will be on display in ISRIC’s new soil museum on campus.

De Vries is the first artist to have an exhibition in the museum. This venerable artist (born in 1931) was chosen for a good reason, as he has Wageningen roots. In the 1950s, De Vries worked for the Plant Protection Service and later for Itbon (institute for biological research into nature). In 1968 he became a full-time artist and settled in Eschenau in southern Germany. De Vries is an exponent of the ZERO movement based in Dusseldorf. He was a founding member of the Nul group along with Armando. Since 1979, he has regularly used soil materials in his work. The ISRIC exhibition will include his ‘earth rubbings’ — paintings with soil. De Vries is considered to be one of the most important living Dutch artists. The exhibition will be opened at 16.00 on Friday 23 May. Afterwards, it will be on view on Wednesday afternoons and by appointment.