Organisation - November 3, 2015

Eleventh time in the top of Keuzegids

Koen Guiking

Wageningen University was again chosen as best university in the Netherlands by Keuzegids (Higher Education Guide’s list of ‘top degree programmes’).

It is the eleventh time that the Wageningen University tops in the ranking, but previous years they sometimes shared the first place with the Open University. This time Wageningen was really judged as best university of the Netherlands, and not only as best university with
fulltime education, like last year.

Last year the announcement was a real show. For the first time the Open University had scored half a point higher than Wageningen University. Suddenly two rankings were created: the best university and the best fulltime university. A day later the publisher rectified the scores of the Keuzegids. On second thoughts, The Open University and Wageningen University tied. This year all the uncertainty has disappeared. Wageningen is the best.

'We judge all the studies of the universities and Wageningen was the only university that succeeded in being better than their competitors in all studies’, says Frank Steenkamp, editor in chief of De Keuzegids, this morning for the BNR radio.

Of the nineteen bachelor studies in Wageningen, fifteen of them received a score of minimal 76 points. With that they can officially call themselves ‘’top education’ for one year. The highest scores were given to Plant Science (92), Molecular Life Science (90) and International Land and Water Management (90).