News - January 26, 2017

Dumb blonde

I was sitting in an interactive MOS module class one day. The lecturer was telling the class about the part that we had to work on and being as slow as I am, I missed some information. So I asked a friend sitting next to me. She is a Dutch girl from my major, a bubbly and friendly girl.

The lecturer heard us talking and told us again about the part that we missed. After that, he jokingly said: ‘I just told you five minutes ago, so do not forget it again’. My friend then said loudly: ‘Don't worry sir, I might be blonde but I'm not dumb.’ The whole class laughed.

After class, I found out that there is a saying in Dutch: ‘acting like a dumb blonde’. Apparently the Dutch consider blonde people to be dumb. Well, my hair is pitch black; Dutch people must consider me so smart.

Nuruly Myzabella, Master’s student of Nutrition and Health, from Indonesia

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