News - November 17, 2011

Dominique can always mail Marco

Dominique Eissing, a Nutrition and Health seventh year, lasted two episodes of The Voice of Holland. She lost the battle on Friday evening, 4 November, by a narrow margin and her coach Marco Borsato saw her off ‘with pain in his heart'.

Dominique is a familiar face in Wageningen. In spring she won a national student band competition with Ceres band Funked-up, which got her a performance in Ahoy. That adventure whetted her appetite for more. She applied for The Voice in the summer. ‘I sent them my CV and some sound clips, and that got me through to the blind auditions.'
Tensions were running high on the first day of auditions. 'There were reporters milling around asking questions the whole time. Fortunately I'm quite a chatterbox so it was not a problem.' A clip taken on that day shows Dominique as a shopaholic with a mountain of clothes. ‘I'm lucky that my TV scenes turned out really well. You never know beforehand how they are going to present you on TV.'
Emotional man
The Voice differs from other talent shows in that the jury is very positive. Possibly too positive, as Dominique didn't get through despite getting favourable comments. ‘There is a lot that doesn't get shown on TV. For instance, 200 people do an audition and only 64 get though - you don't see them all. You don't see all the comments either but they were constructive.'
Dominique was coached during the programme by Marco Borsato. Dominique: 'He is an emotional man who puts a lot of feeling into his singing. That was what I wanted to learn from him. His key lesson was ‘less is more'. Really go for it so that people notice you. Then you can scale down your singing, after which you build it up again and let rip.' Unfortunately it was not enough because Dominique lost the battle. As a result she feels she did not really get the chance to shine. 'I had to sing a song for men that didn't suit my voice.'
Own number
Nevertheless, Dominque has fond memories of the programme. 'I made friends for life. I recorded a cover of 1,000 Voices with two fellow team members - it's on YouTube. And we are going to work on a number of our own.' On top of that, Marco has said he is always prepared to assist and advise her in her musical career. Because there is no doubt she will be taking this further. 'I'm finished with the talent shows, I don't need to be famous but my main goal is to keep going with the music. I stopped with Funked-up, but I still perform every week with my cover band Dusty Road.'
This has had a noticeable effect on Dominique's studies. 'I dropped one course for The Voice. In all I have taken an extra two years over my degree due to my music, but I wouldn't have missed this for the world. I have discovered that music is a real passion for me.'