Organisation - August 27, 2015

DLO staff want CAO now

Rob Ramaker

About 85 percent of DLO-employees want a new collective labour agreement (CAO) now on the basis of the current state of the negotiations. Items where no agreement has been reached could be deferred until the next round of negotiations.

This is the outcome of a consultation by e-mail of 2500 DLO staff that the WUR Council carried out in the summer. Only eight percent voted not to accept the agreement and seven percent had no opinion. A total of 44 percent of the employees voted.

Trade unions and Wageningen UR have been negotiating for more than two years on a new CAO for DLO employees. The outcome is striking as the unions have said DLO’s current offer is not enough. In addition to a salary increase of two percent and a DLOwide work-to-work scheme, the unions want ‘compensation’ for the statutory loss of the third year of unemployment benefit, for instance. It is not yet clear what the negotiators will do with the consultation result. The consultation has no formal status and the negotiating partners can just disregard the result. Back in November, the WUR Council called on the parties to reach an agreement quickly too. ‘Without a CAO it’s all up in the air.’