News - August 27, 2015

Cyclists’ Union wants traffic flow

Roelof Kleis

A bike ride from Ede-Wageningen station to the campus without a single traffic light? That’s possible if Wageningen UR cooperates, says the Cyclists’ Union.

But WUR doesn’t want to take action now. The issue is the dirt path at the end of the Bornsesteeg. This stretch of a little more than 200 metres forms the missing link in a route leading to Ede station via the cycle tunnel under the Mansholtlaan, and the Bovenbuurtweg. But fences on both sides of it cut off this route. ‘We don’t need a wide cycle path. A shell path would do,’ says Leo van den Berg of the Cyclists’ Union. According to Ad van der Have of Facilities and Services, the plans for the northern exit from the campus need to become clear fi rst. They include a separate cycle path along the Bornsesteeg leading to the traffi c lights on the Mansholtlaan.