Organisation - April 30, 2020

'No recruiting, but informing’

Roelof Kleis

Recruiting students is not necessary at all, says WUR parent advisor Hermien Miltenburg. Providing information is sufficient.

© Guy Ackermans

Miltenburg makes this statement in a lengthy interview in the latest edition of Resource. It is actually her farewell address, as she officially retired in the middle of the corona crisis. However, she will continue working for WUR as a guest employee. WUR is reluctant to let their star blogger go.

Half a million
Miltenburg is the only parent advisor in the Netherlands. This underlines the critical position parents have in their child's choice of degree programme. She is active at countless information evenings at secondary schools and higher education facilities. Her blogs on the website for potential students drew over half a million readers in the last half-year.


Why recruit? Providing information is sufficient. A student who doesn’t fit here will drop out anyway
Hermien Miltenburg, parent advisor

Miltenburg works at the department for Student Recruitment and Information. But, as far as she is concerned, recruitment is unnecessary. 'I'm actually opposed to recruitment. Why recruit? Providing information is sufficient. A student who doesn't fit here will drop out anyway. That is a small personal tragedy for the student and parents, but also for the university.'


Miltenburg is also the driving force behind a new fund to support students wanting to take a gap year. And this does not mean travel programmes. 'I mean programmes that focus on self-development. There are vocational colleges that offer these programmes. My wish is for WUR to start offering something similar.'